Friday, March 04, 2011

Meet the Class: The Monk and The Mercedes

The first in a series of profiles of chaplaincy students at University of the West is up over at Dharma Cowgirl, home of UWest student and inveterate blogger Monica Sanford (that's me!). Read about Tommy Nguyen, Vietnamese Zen monk, U.S. Army Officer, chaplain candidate, student, and all around great guy in The Monk and The Mercedes. This is the story of one person's encounter with the Dharma and how he came to the path of chaplaincy. It is also a first interesting glimpse into why someone might want to be a Buddhist chaplain. Tommy talks about coming to the United States from Vietnam and what the bodhisattva path means to him. Check it out!


  1. This is a great story. Thank you to Venerable Tommy for sharing and to Monica for writing and posting.

  2. Dear UWEST Chaplaincy Members!!!

    I believe this is my first time to be on this blog. Would you, anyone please guide me how to get into the system. Do I have to have my own blog or do I need to be invited?? I guess that I need to try to post something on this account. Hopefully, it will work!!!
    Thanks Monica again for your time and everything when wrote me up on this "Cool" stuff to be posted, lol. I wishes everyone who has a chance to read this and open Bodhisattva path in his or life. Very Respectfully,

    Ven. Tommy Nguyen