Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Big News Day for Buddhist Military Chaplains

It was a big news day for Buddhist chaplains today.

First, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review's marvelous editor and publisher James Sheehan points us to The Commercial Appeal's profile of Buddhist Army National Guard chaplain Thomas Dyer (pictured).

Next, over at Shambhala SunSpace, web editor Rod Meade Sperry blogs about Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's "promised financial support to the Buddhist community and to place Buddhist chaplains in the military."

Lastly, Lt. Jeanette Shin at the Buddhist Military Sangha shares with us the news that "U.S. Air Force SSGT Henry Sims has just begun a new blog chronicling his attempt to become a military chaplain of Buddhist faith." Take a look!

[Photo by Mike Brown for The Commercial Appeal. "Chaplain Thomas Dyer of the Tennessee National Guard is the first Buddhist chaplain in the Army. According to Army Chaplain Carleton Birch, spokesman for the Office of Chief of Army Chaplains in Washington, there are at least 3,300 Buddhists in the Army."]

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